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About Pokhara

About Pokhara

Pokhara is Nepal's number 1 adventure and leisure destination, a gateway to treks in the Annapurna region with plenty of entertainment for individual travellers and their families.

In Pokhara you can experience the excitement of adventure: boating, hiking, pony rides, paragliding or simply relax at one of the lakes with stunning views of the Annapurnas.

Pokhara will overwhelm you with its natural beauty providing you great photo ops. Walk along the shores of the Fewa lake enjoying the greenery surrounding you and a spectacular panoramic view of the high Himalayan peaks of the Annapurna Massif that reflect in the lake. Colorful wooden boats add color and paragliders come floating down from above. Flying and rowing over the lake is probably going to be one of the highlights of your travel experience in Nepal.

Trekking in the Annapurna from Pokhara

Pokhara is well-known as a starting point for various trekking trail and expeditions in the Annapurna . Most of the hikers and trekkers for Annapurna and Ghandruk, respectively, build Pokhara as their first stop, or as relaxing station before they head out for serious walking.

So, one may enjoy boating and reading books observing the serenity of nature, or enjoy a couple of drinks, either in local restaurants or at a blues bar, or one may simply enjoy sightseeing or cycling around the valley.

There are plenty of souvenir shops in the market section of the city. Pokhara produces some of the finest handicrafts in the country.

There are many activities to engage in around the city; a short hike to Sarangkot is highly recommended, with magnificent views of astounding sunsets, sunrise, and of the whole city beneath. Davis Waterfall, a sublime waterfall in the city is another excursion not to be missed.

Pokhara has also developed as an adventure destination in the last decade, offering everything from ultralight flights to paragliding, and from skydiving and ziplining to bungee jumping, Pokhara is a complete holiday package for a perfect vacation.

The waterfall has a length of 500 meters and depth of 100 feet. Though the waterfall flows all year round it is best viewed from June to September. An interesting note about the waterfall is that it runs down some rocks before disappearing into an underground tunnel leading to Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. The waterfalls modern name is constantly debated. It's official name is Patale Chhango.. From Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave below it's more interesting.

Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave temple is located near Daevid Falls in Pokhara Nepal in where the Seti River emerges from underground. The Cave Temple is found about 16th century.The cave temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.The cave is nearly 3 km long, and a Shiva lingam has been preserved here in the condition that it was found in. The cave is divided into 2 parts .the first one is 40 metre long.it is the main natural cave .here we can see the temple of lord shiva. Another part of this cave is longer and dark too .this part goes downside part of devis fall.the distance about hundred mi from the second entrance,we can view devis fall and a very beautiful panoramic site with the water spring of devis fall.

All in the cave is a pretty cool thing to see. You would need more than an hour or an hour and a half to see Devi Falls and the cave as they are within walking distance of each other.

This lake is both a man-made and natural freshwater lake, it is also the most visited spot in pokhara. Annapurna. This lake is the second largest lake in Nepal and many water activities like canoeing, boating, swimming, sailing, fishing, kayaking and bird watching are done here. There is a Barahi Temple which stands on an island in this lake is dedicated to the Varaha where devotees sacrifice birds and animals every Saturday.

Tal Barahi Temple is located in the center of Fewa Lake, a small island one of the most famous lake of Pokhara valley. Tal Barahi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga Sapta Matrika in the shape of Barahi. She has four hands. Her face is like the face of a wild boar, holding the earth with his teeth holding different weapons in her hands. The typical two-storeyed pagoda style temple was built inside a lake by Kaskeli Kıng Kulmandan Singh in 1416 B. S.

Courtyard of Tal Baralhi Temple is just like a small island. It is famous for lovers of holidaymakers, and tourists. Devotees go about their worship undisturbed by the goings on in the water. One can reach there only by boat. During Durga Puja and on Saturday thousands of people of Pokhara to worship and sacrifice a goat and cock visits Tal Barahi Temple. This temple is only one of its kind in Nepal located inside a lake without any land passages.

Tal Barahi is one of the most famous places of pilgrimage of Pokhara. The temple is just like a typical pagoda style temple originated in the Kathmandu valley. There is a legend about the origin of the temple of Tal Barahi Temple.

History of Tal Barahi Temple

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful city named Fewa. Where nowadays Fewa Lake, the event is just the reverse of the origin of Kathmandu valley. One day a very old woman unknown to anyone appeared from nowhere and strolled along the streets of the thriving city here and she knocked on doors and begged for food. The people of the city know nothing about the old woman, she was a goddess who had taken a human shape. Everyone turned her back on her and shut the door in front of her face, as once the people of Kathmandu did for Gorakhnath.

At last in one of the poor houses, an old couple who are migrated from Kathmandu valley invited him to share their own meal consisting of boiled rice and vegetables. The old man thanked them profusely and before leaving his host. She made a plan to kill almost all the people of the city who hate her. She advised the host old couple to abandon their home without delay and to take refuge in the nearby small hillock. She warned them of terrible calamity which was about to devastate their city to gate vengeance with the peoples of the city.

The couple followed the old woman’s advice and started towards the hillock of Tal Barahi Temple having reached the top of the hillock they looked back a past lake had completely submerged the town, killing almost all the people of the city. This is now the courtyard of Tal Barahi Temple. Where the couple saved their life. They saw Goddess Barahi instead of the old woman. They build a small temple of Goddess Barahi. Later in 1416 Kaskeli King built the present temple instead of a small temple.

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